Plugin: WooCommerce Freshbooks Automatic Sync Extension

This is a plugin to automatically update your order status based on the Freshbooks invoices status. Hi everybody, what’s up? Due a project I worked on, was needed to do an automatic verification, from the store to the Freshbooks, to check and sync the paid invoices with the orders on WooCommerce. Till this moment this
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WordPress Coding Standards: Clean Code & Best Practices

WordPress Coding Standards -

Hi Everybody! How’s going? Today I want to tell you one thing that makes me so proud and my eyes shining: see my codes clean, easier to read and to understand by any human that follow the best practices, and in WordPress ecosystem using: Coding Standards. Actually exists many ways to learn and grow up
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WooCommerce Extension Plugin Boilerplate

WooCommerce Extension Plugin Boilerplate -

Hi everybody, how’s going? I created a boilerplate plugin for WooCommerce extensions, the objective is getting all structure ready to put all focus only in the logic of your extension need to do without worry with the initial setup of the plugin, like the main class creation, default methods of internacionalization, verify if WooCommerce is
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